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192 Sporting Songs & Football Chants

Sporting Lisbon, one of the big two Lisbon teams.

266 You're Our Faith Juve Leo anthem. One of them foot tappers you'll be humming all day. Playlist
368 Only I Know Great Sporting ringtone Playlist
1153 Dale Cavese - Sporting "Dale Cavese" is one of the most famous fan chants in the world. It's inspired by the music "Moliendo Café" by Hugo Blanco, "Dale Cavese" was first used by the fans of Boca Junior Playlist
1297 Sporting You're My Faith Great Sporting ringtone Playlist
1406 Sporting, You Will Never End! Season 2013/2014 will see the return of all Sporting Clube Portugal supporters groups to the south stand, known as "Curva Sul" or "Topo Sul". Juventude Leonina, Torcida Verde, Directivo Ultra XXI and Brigada Ultras Sporting will try to rise again! Playlist
1478 Claps Sporting Say no more Playlist
1689 Allez, Allez, Allez, Sporting, Allez NEW Classic "Allez Sporting" chant to push the team to victory Playlist
1838 Sporting Come On Good ringtone Playlist
2086 Allez Allez Sporting Allez classic great ringtone Playlist
2821 All Ours The lions claiming their share Playlist
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2874 Sporting You'll Win All time great Fado tune Playlist
2891 Smells Like Lisbon All time great Fado tune Playlist
3940 Spain Old national rivalry with Spanish neighbours to "Viva España" Playlist
4083 Sporting, You Are My Life Can't live without you Playlist
5269 Sporting, Sporting! Sporting pride Playlist
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